The one step gel system for the woman on the go. Lasts up to 7-10 days.

UNO by Gelish MINI

Available in
April 2016

  • Traffic Stopper
  • Violets Are Blue
  • Selfie Centered
  • Mermaid Of Honor
  • You are such a Girl
  • Unimpeachable

UNO by Gelish MINI | Instant Color

  • Do-It-Yourself Instant Color!
  • One Step —No Basecoat,
    Topcoat or Cleansing needed
  • Up to 7-10 days of wear

Easy Application

Prep Nails


Prep Nails — push back cuticles, buff, shape and wipe nails clean.

Apply a Thin Coat


Apply a thin coat to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge.

*Apply and cure thumbs separately



Cure in the Gelish On The Go or Pro 45 LED Light.

*Do not use a light that exceeds 18 watts

Second Thin Coat if Needed


Apply a second thin coat if needed and enjoy!

What's the Difference?

1 # of Steps 5
Up to 7-10 Days of Wear Up to 14-21
20 # of Shades 67
No Basecoat Yes
No Topcoat Yes
No Cleanser Yes
Yes Soak-Off Removal Yes

UNO by Gelish MINI | 20 Colors

  • 1500000C

    Honey Bare

  • 1500001S

    Magic Mauve

  • 1500002C


  • 1500003C

    you're such a girl

  • 1500004C

    Always a Bridesmaid

  • 1500005C

    Sprinkles On Top

  • 1500006P

    Selfie Centered

  • 1500007C

    Traffic Stopper

  • 1500008C

    Corner Office

  • 1500009S

    Ruby Lips

  • 1500010C

    Spiced Plum

  • 1500011C

    Electric Kiss

  • 1500012C

    Dragon Fly

  • 1500013C

    Violets Are Blue

  • 1500014C

    Very Blueberry

  • 1500015G

    Mermaid of Honor

  • 1500016C

    Teal Then

  • 1500017M

    Gold Rush

  • 1500018M

    Charm Bracelet

  • 1500019C

    Clasic Vinyl

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